Attending to the Holy in the ordinary?

Its Christmas next Sunday. That doesn’t seem quite right. Yet when it arrives it will be a wonderful time of reflection and celebration. The following Sunday will be New Year’s day. And while so many people are absent it won’t feel much like an exciting start to a new year it will nevertheless be the start of a new year, and perhaps what we do on that day will be symptomatic of what will be important to us the rest of the year. But there won’t be an edition of the Link, and then I am going on leave (a combination of annual leave and Long Service Leave) until Easter. Given that I have accepted a call to ministry in the Sunbury congregation I will have effectively concluded my active contributions to the Ringwood Church when I commence that period of leave. So what do I say in this note? “Goodbye”? Well, no, because I am formally still the Minister in placement at Ringwood until late April. “Thankyou”? No, we will find a time to say such things when we return from leave. Perhaps I should be saying “Get on with it,” because there is important work to be done in God’s name that the Ringwood Uniting Church has an important role in. So perhaps we should but say “Bon voyage!” as we fly off overseas to enjoy some re-creation. You can see I am finding it difficult to know what to write after 12 years immersed in this adventure. Deciding what to write in this column has often proven the most difficult piece of each week’s work. Yet it has been very therapeutic for me as I have sought to recognise spiritual and theological significance in what is to be found in the day to day realities of my life. Thank you to those who have expressed your appreciation of these writings. So my final comment is to encourage you to do likewise, to keep attending to the presence of the Holy even in the most ordinary, and keep talking to other people of what you find.

(Rev) Stan