Tuning up to join the angelic choir

Judging by the traffic on FaceBook last Sunday night and Monday morning the Crowded House live concert from the Sydney Opera House was a pretty popular event. But there was something that intrigued me as I watched that concert. As a friend of mine commented the following morning: “Another myth torpedoed … I often seem to have conversations with people who say things like: ‘Oh Congregational singing is so old school … people don’t sing in public anymore!!!’” Well obviously they can, and they do. There was the reality of a legion of people, men and women, of varying ages, singing their hearts out … every word of every song … joyfully, with a sense of ‘congregation’ about them. It was a most wonderful and uplifting concert on many levels. The music is brilliant. The musicianship was excellent. The lack of pomposity by Neil Finn and his band was truly a credit to them, given what was going on before their eyes. I can only imagine what it must be like for a musician to start to sing a song on stage and have a throng of people immediately join in the song with them, as though it was theirs too. Perhaps I am old school these days (some people enjoy suggesting that) but that is what can and should happen every time the people of God congregate. We heard it in our church just last week as we farewelled Graeme. Not only were the musicians great but the way the people joined their voice with the songs was beautiful and nourishing to the heart. WE do not gather to be entertained by skilled musicians. We congregate to sing together. As we journey toward the story of the angels singing their celebration of the birth of God in human flesh and blood, let tune our voices that we might join the angelic song of celebration.

(Rev) Stan