Immerse Reflections

Over the summer holidays, I had planned to clean out some boxes in the roof. Time passed and it didn’t get done. Last week Andrew pulled the boxes down, but holidays were over and so was free time. Again my days are ridiculously busy and exhausting. Working 4 days a week, studying part-time, running three children around, running a household, doing volunteer work it all adds up. But I had no choice I had to start cleaning out those boxes – I couldn’t see our lounge room floor! And in hindsight it was ironic (or perhaps it was God’s silent voice) that the first box I opened was one of the boxes filled with my mums things that we stored away after she died. The IMMERSE program was beginning at church and what do I find? But copies of prayer, notes and bible studies that mum had collected. The prayer was ‘Slow me down Lord.’ By Wilferd A. Peterson. Quiet apt!  I know if mum was still alive she would tell me I was doing too much, I guess she doesn’t need to be here for her wisdom to stay with me. So I sat in the middle of the boxes and mess, and read the prayer and took time to immerse myself in the quiet of the room, to breathe deeply and slow down. I reflected quietly how I had very much lost the intentional time for prayer in my life. I made a conscious decision that through Immerse I really needed to be more committed again to my faith. So even if it is baby steps, I am going to try much harder to spend some quiet reading/reflective time each week. (I realised later it wasn’t a prayer but a poem, and there are still many boxes in the lounge room!)

– Kellie