# Immerse

Andy is in the middle of changing jobs, but with no time to take a longer break, on Tuesday we took the opportunity to have an overnight mini-break. We went to Marysville—a beautiful but scarred place.

Last Sunday Tony asked us about significant places or experiences of worship, and for me many of these times have been outside in nature. As a teenager at summer and Easter camps I can remember being invited to go outside to spend time with God, and these were often powerful for me. As an adult I find natural settings to be restorative and allow me to focus on a God of mystery and love. So this little trip seemed a good opportunity to find some time to ‘Immerse’ myself.

As we sat on the deck of our accommodation we marvelled at the quiet (minus three children helped) and I sat for a period just watching the little birds flit about in the garden in front of me. I recalled the bible passage (Matthew 6:25-27) where Jesus talks of the birds of the air, how they don’t worry – God loves them and we in turn should know how much God loves us. Wow! I just sat and breathed in the moment feeling closer to God, but reflected how sometimes I get so caught up in the ‘worries’ and the need to ‘get things done’, that I forget this promise.

We also walked to nearby Steavenson Falls. As we hiked to the top of the waterfall we noted the landscape—though beautiful—still scarred from the bushfires in 2009 that nearly wiped out Marysville. But we also marvelled at the resilience of the natural world to regenerate and grow again—a reminder that God continues to love despite devastation that had visited before.

The trip reminded me of the importance of connecting with God—a God who loves me and all of creation. It is so easy to get caught up in our ‘busy’ and broken lives, but God’s love is always there. I need to make the time to ‘Immerse’ myself more often! I hope you can too.

– Kerryn