Every morning around 7am I go for a walk along the Mullum Mullum track, at the back of the Cherry Tree retirement village where I live. In the two years I have been here, this has been an important way for me to start each day.

The Immerse experience has led me to rethink how I approach this walk. Perhaps I have become too focused on problems I am facing, or other things which cause me to spend the time on the walk on introspection and inward, self-guided thoughts.

Lately, I am choosing to  use the time looking out around me, sensing the beauty and the activity along the track, opening up my thoughts to the wonder of God and His Universe, and reveling in the fact I am alive and have a brand new day ahead to explore.

I have become much more aware of each day being a fresh new opportunity, with the crisp early morning air invigorating me. I have come to notice the ducks paddling in the creek, the bright new rays of early morning sunlight lighting up the trunks of some of the trees and the branches. I have become more aware of the myriad of early morning sounds, from the calls of the magpies to the gurgling of the creek.

A new perspective on the wonder of God, and my privilege of being part of all this, for another day, has emerged. A renewed sense of hope and the wonder of life has occurred. I am much better prepared for the day, than if I were to concentrate on how to solve the problems I am facing.

Deborah Ann  Belka has written a short poem which sums up  my recent  experiences.

A Brand New Day

A brand new day,

Is on the rise …….

God’s beauty unfolding,

right before my eyes.

O what splendor,

O such a delight,

seeing the dawning

of morn’s early light.

Taking in the warmth,

soaking up each ray,

bathing in the glory

God has for me today.

Peter S