# Immerse

Crappy day at work, millions of dollars of water couldn’t be traded because trading system went down for a couple of hours, contract payments due, vendor threatening legal action but quality of work is not satisfactory, competing stakeholder interests remain unresolved as arguments escalate. The day is demanding and eventually comes to an end, thank god. Arrive home and the dogs are waiting for their walk. I’m out the back door and into a joyous welcome, jumping, barking, all manner of carrying on. Put the leads on and we’re off, heads up, skipping along. Down the hill and into the reserve. Even though we’ve walked this path so many times before the dogs act like it’s the first time they ever encountered it. Covering as much ground as possible, searching, exploring, seeking out what’s new, what’s familiar. Tails wagging, noses sniffing and tongues hanging out. The energy is infectious. We meet other dogs on the way, every bum is sniffed, everyone is welcomed regardless of breed, size, sex or number of legs. We continue around the reserve, the exploring is never ending, always more to discover. We head out of the reserve and back up the hill. The steps are slower but my fury children look like they they’re smiling from ear to ear, happy to have once again encountered the wonders of the reserve and optimistic there will be more to discover next time. I’m also smiling and thinking, not for the first time, is it just a coincidence that the word Dog is God spelt backwards?

– Brett