# Immerse

Today I finished reading the story of the life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer and at the ending my tears flowed.

A man so committed to his Christian faith to boldly proclaim this faith in his God and his Christ in word and action against the evils of Hitler’s Nazi regime.

How this cost him his life, trusting completely in His God’s grace, knowing death as the doorway to the freedom of eternity.

Murdered only days before Hitler’s suicide and liberation.

Unanswered questions rushed into my mind. Is his God also my God? Is my God truly love? Is my God for real?

In the cool of this evening I wandered into our garden and immersed myself into the sound of the crickets, the splendour of the blooms of the Crepe Myrtle and the perfume of the ginger plant flowers.

Their voices calmed my soul, prompted my mind to be still. Surrender to the mystery of the Divine Spirit.

Do not seek answers to unanswerable questions. Be still, be at peace and know that I am God.

– John