# Immerse

Being Awake to God

Immerse I believe is all about being “awake to God.” Increasingly I’m learning to experience God in the everyday. And so it is during my stay at Ringwood, every Thursday morning between 11.30 and noon I find myself awake to God at Biala, participating in the singing with the children. And if it’s not to old fashioned a phrase, I find myself full of joy. Joy in seeing the faces of the children as they participate in the music making, wriggling about, their faces alive as they add to the music in their own idiosyncratic manner. I experience the love of the volunteers as they each lead their charges in the song. No religious songs, just the pure joy of music, a spiritual rather than religious exercise. And I love it. God presence fills the room and I go way fully refreshed, awake for my next experience of the holy. Biala, a Godgift to Ringwood Uniting, a Godgift to the community. A place where you can be awake to God.


– Rev Tony Duncan