IMMERSION AND DISCIPLESHIP from an old man’s perspective

Now an old person is always someone who is 10 years older than me. However my granddaughter, affectionately, sometimes calls me “old man” and at 76 I need to admit that, yes, I am old and for that I’m grateful and I like it.

So how do I Immerse in Christian Discipleship? A Christian disciple is one who follows the way of Christ. Seeing that immersion is getting deeply engaged, absorbed, it means that immersion in Christian discipleship means being totally involved in a Christian lifestyle.

For many Christians this means serving Jesus as Lord and Saviour and in obedience endeavouring to save souls for eternity. Tried that, but a God who punishes or rewards, who blesses some and not others, who offers the choice of “frizzle and fry” or “pie in the sky when you die” depending on your belief (or His predestined decision) is not for me.

Others strive to change the world and bring justice and equality for all. I admire and support that but somehow don’t have the energy for that anymore, it often seems so futile.

Now I just want to follow the way of Christ, living Christ like. Jesus tells me (Mathew 5 v13-16) John when are a follower of me you are the salt of the earth, the light of the world. Not you SHOULD BE but you ARE. Yet losing your saltiness or hiding your light is not of much value. I think this means that to Immerse in Discipleship I need to connect with the Christ’s Spirit of love and let that shine through on whoever I meet and whatever I do. To, just like Christ, be motivated by compassion, forgiveness, prepared to suffer and cry with others, to see and understand that every one seeks to be a person of value, to be loved and know how to love others. (Watch out John, it is so easy to loose your saltiness and dim your light, to join the “it’s all about me” crowd or condemn others and do precious little yourself). Christian Discipleship, to be the light on the hill so that all can see the Christ light in me, that is a big call and I am only a little light in a small corner. But in the darkness of the “all about me, not much justice world” a small light is still very bright and lots of little lights can brighten up the world.

Remember the song, “This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine. You in your small corner and I in mine.”

John H