# Immerse

Writing about matters of faith is not something that comes naturally to me, nor is it something that I devote time to in my daily life. So bear with me & here I go.

At times during my life when I have found myself over thinking a situation, issue or set of circumstances I find myself or someone close to me to be in (hard to believe? I know), it is often in the garden where I find myself being able to gather my thoughts. It can be constructing something or preparing soil for the vegetables or pruning trees or mulching – it matters not. I am able to find a clarity of thought to be able to process these issues that I can find in no place else. Whether it is being close to God’s creation, or being able to cut all other outside distraction I don’t know, but whatever it is the focus seems to be resolved, sorted or just a path through the maze is realised.
Also when in times of deep thought, I find that during a church service the great music offered in both songs and hymns means I can open my heart to sing or immerse myself in the song and I find that I can become overcome with emotion and I am are unable to sing again until I regain my composure. Strangely enough this never happens while singing in the shower or during a football game. Interesting?