# Immerse – Practicing Discipleship

Most of my profound moments in life have come in the form of shared experiences. One of the great things about a shared experience, is that it is shared. How ironic. What I mean though is, that the power of an experience within a relationship has lasting impacts beyond just you. Its ripple effect is magnified, because there is ongoing reliving and reimagining of that experience.

Some of the profound shared experiences of my life are second hand experiences. That is, they are the story of someone else’s experience that has been gifted to me through story, through song, through liturgical dance. Maybe not liturgical dance, but you understand where I am going with this.

I have been gifted experiences that have shaped me to be who I am today, most good, some not so good. There is an incredible gift in sharing our stories and our experiences together. While some of those stories cause us to share something of a wounded experience, the profound impact of the sharing of that story can help, not only us, but also those who we share with.

One of the most potentially powerful aspects of Immerse is the opportunity to articulate, communicate and celebrate. As we journey and intentionally invest in Practicing Discipleship we begin to articulate what it means to be a disciple, we communicate that experience in order that we can celebrate that experience.

Your journey, your story is a powerful story. When you communicate that story, it empowers others to do the same, and it means that we can celebrate together.

God is creating and blessing amazing things in the people of this Ringwood Uniting Church community, let’s all work together as we deepen our experience of discipleship.