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Name: Kerryn Gosbell
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Jun 09

# Immerse – Practicing Discipleship

Most of my profound moments in life have come in the form of shared experiences. One of the great things about a shared experience, is that it is shared. How ironic. What I mean though is, that the power of an experience within a relationship has lasting impacts beyond just you. Its ripple effect is …

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May 30

# Immerse

Writing about matters of faith is not something that comes naturally to me, nor is it something that I devote time to in my daily life. So bear with me & here I go. At times during my life when I have found myself over thinking a situation, issue or set of circumstances I find …

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May 05

# Immerse

I took a break from my frenetic life during the last school holidays and I took my 2 young grand children to the beach with the help of my wife. You may wonder if this was really a break but it truly was. There is always something deeply relaxing about the beach. Watching the water …

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Apr 28

IMMERSION AND DISCIPLESHIP from an old man’s perspective

Now an old person is always someone who is 10 years older than me. However my granddaughter, affectionately, sometimes calls me “old man” and at 76 I need to admit that, yes, I am old and for that I’m grateful and I like it. So how do I Immerse in Christian Discipleship? A Christian disciple …

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Apr 07

# Immerse

Being Awake to God Immerse I believe is all about being “awake to God.” Increasingly I’m learning to experience God in the everyday. And so it is during my stay at Ringwood, every Thursday morning between 11.30 and noon I find myself awake to God at Biala, participating in the singing with the children. And …

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