About Us

Welcome to the Ringwood Uniting Church Web Site.

Statement of Purpose for the congregation:

The people of the Uniting Church (Ringwood) are called into God’s mission, contributing in the tradition of Jesus to known and unknown neighbours’ lives, in the Spirit of God’s compassion, justice and liberating reconciliation.

Ringwood Uniting Church understands mission as cultivating the imagination of the community to see God at work in the world and join in being the Good News. We look to be shaped by scripture, worship and action to grow spiritually, in theological understanding and the risky practices of being the body of Christ.

Worship services are held each week that cater to those wanting a more contemporary styled service, along with those after a more traditional service.

With a strong focus on social justice and outreach, Ringwood Uniting Church works hard to meet the needs of the wider community. Offering a range of activities from bike riding, walking, children’s and youth groups, through to more serious groups like study groups and the Community Refugee Settlement Scheme and Emergency Care Services.

In 2017 our congregation engaged in a #Immerse program, designed to help us engage in our mission objectives.  The mission objectives that focus our life together include:

Practising Worship

Practising Faith Sharing

Practising Hospitality,

Practising Discipleship,

Practising Stewardship,

Practising Community Engagement and

Practising Partnership in Mission.